General Administration Department

Responsible for daily affairs of CREIA and senior-level association, including administrative management, human resources, membership management, media and publicity and legal affairsetc. Coordinating the business development and operation of otherdepartments.


Policy Research and Consulting Department

Research on the theoretical and practical problems in renewable energy industry.Undertake studiesgrantedby governmentdepartments, enterprises and related institutionsand responsible for providing industry reports, policy recommendations andconsulting services.


Conference and Exhibition Department

Making use of the government support, industry resources and platforms of CREIA,the department is responsible for planning and organizing conferences, exhibitions, workshops and industryforums, in order to facilitate the communication betweengovernment and enterprises and promote the healthy development of the industry.

Public Relations Department

Responsible for external liaison and coordinationwith domestic and foreign governments, industry organizations, enterprises and media, as well as organizing VIP visits and on-site surveys. The department operates the China Renewable Energy Entrepreneurs Club, which is the high-level entrepreneur dialogue platform of CREIA.

Contact information

Tel: (+86-10)-68002617/18

Address: A2105-2107, Wuhua Plaza, A4 Che Gong Zhuang Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing 100044, P.R.China



Fax: (+86-10)-68002674

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